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BMX racing in the USA


BMX racing is considered to be one of the hottest and most happening events that takes place in South California. Even though this racing championship event takes place only once a year, it is something that everybody waits for with bated breath. Months before the event, everybody marks their calendars, the media hypes up the event, and the tickets are just sold like hot cakes. 

Even though there is still some level of confusion about whether it started in 1969 or the early 1970s, it is undeniable as to how big of a craze it has become in a short amount of time. Some of the earliest evidences found of this sport was a handful of kids racing on a dusty track on their ordinary bicycles. They were just doing this as imitation of their favorite racing idols. But little did they know that they were on the path of creating a completely new sport of their own. 

Over the course of one short summer, BMX managed to grab the attention of thousands of boys and girls all over the United States. Wherever people went, the sigh of kids and teenagers showing off stunts on their bikes became a common scene. The dusty tracks were being commonly associated with BMX racing. And it is from all this that ABA, or American Bicycle Association came into existence.

With the ABA being created, the BMX racing came into full circle. This is because this association helped to fill in the need of the bicyclists. Not only that, but for the next thirty-five years, they were also responsible for completely changing the landscape of BMX racing. The first step that they undertook was to create a system of qualifying participants which was not only considered to be fair, but which upheld the competitive nature of the sport. In addition, it also provided a fair chance for everyone who wanted to be a winner.

How BMX racing works

The process of BMX racing is divided into eight steps. These are as follows:

Getting ready

Firstly, you need to find a racing track near you and find out about its operating hours. Since BMX racing is considered to be an individual sport, you need to start practicing as soon as possible.

Signing up

This is the 1-3 hour window before the race commences. During this time, you sign up for the race and start practicing and warming up.


There are four criteria which is used by BMX in order to determine a racer’s classification for the competition. These are gender, age, proficiency, and wheel size. Since this competition is applicable for kids of all ages, you will be paired with someone of a similar age and level of proficiency.

Motos are posted

After every racer has been entered in to the event for the day, moto-sheets are posted. These sheets list the order of races, riders who are competing in each moto, the bike numbers which have been assigned, and starting gate numbers.


This is the area which includes the starter’s tower or booth, the back of the starting hill, the starting pad, as well as the starting gate itself.

Riding and racing

This is when the starting gate falls and all the racers speed up on their bikes to start the race.

Awards and points

After the end of each race, each of the bicyclists are awarded a certain number of points. After this, the top three are announced and medals given to them on a podium.

Race series 

The BMX racing is divided into different series so that there is a prize for everyone.


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Check out the official USABMX website 

Enjoy Biking As A Fitness Activity!

More and more people are taking up biking as a fitness activity as it can be done anytime and you don’t need anything but the bike you are riding and a road to ride the bike on. When you are riding a bike, you will have many benefits in addition to fitness. Riding a bike as an exercise will give you fitter body without any additional costs like gym fees and fees of a trainer etc.Secondly, you can use your bike as a mode of transport when you are running small errands at small distances. This will not only save time as you don’t have to wait for public transport but it will save you money if you are using your bike instead of your car.


Biking is now a part of various sports activities like triathlon etc. and there are many types of bikes which are used for different purposes. The types of bikes depend on the activity of which they are going to be used and the terrain on which they are going to ride. Depending on these two factors, there can be a list of many bikes which is as follows.

Types of bikes

  • Road bikes

As the name suggests, these bikes are designed for the commute on even and paved roads like the main roads in the city. These bikes are lightweight which allows you to have a comfortable commute. You can also fit these bikes with fittings which will allow you to carry some stuff like groceries or a college bag etc.

  • Mountain bikes

These bikes are specially designed for riding in the mountains or on the terrain which is not smooth or which is a rugged terrain. They are made for better control and have better shock absorbers to make your ride a comfortable one. These bikes can be used on city roads too as they give you a better control when you are riding through various potholes.

  • Road racing bikes

These bikes are specifically designed for the sports activity of racing and triathlon. They are designed for offering the rider to go at maximum speed without making him tired. They are very lightweight and sturdy but these bikes are not fit for riding in the city or on uneven roads.

  • Commuter bikes

These bikes are the bikes which should be used as a mode of transport in city areas. These bikes are made to handle the obstacles in the streets and their design allows the rider a better view of the traffic and also of the vehicles on the road.

  • Electrical bikes

These bikes are for those people who want to use them for commuting but don’t want to be too tired when they reach their destination. These bikes have motors which run on rechargeable batteries so that it is easier for the ride to ride the bike on hilly terrain and long distances.

There are so many types of bikes which you can choose from. Choose the bike which suits your requirement and your budget and start biking!